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Multi-Axis FIlament Winding Machine
Model NO: GTI-EWM0A01
Introduction: 4 Axis: 1 Spindle

Available winding diameter 0 ~ 500 mm
Available winding length 0 ~ 5 m
Fiber placement accuracy +/- 0.2 mm
Carriage, cross-feed arm and rotary roving comb accuracy +/- 0.2 mm
Winding angle >0°,<90°
Mandrel drive speed 0 ~ 100 rpm
Carriage speed 0 ~ 60 m/min
Cross feed stroke speed 0 ~ 48 m/min
Rotating eye rotational speed 0 ~ 300 rpm
Winding pattern

Helical and hoop winding
(Two winding pattern can be converted automatically)

Operation method Manually, Semi-auto and automatically
Winder axis Axis #1 Mandrel rotate
Axis #2 Carriage horizontal movement
Axis #3 Cross feed
Axis #4 Roving comb rotate
Roving feed in style Directly pull out the roving from spool outside
Diameter of spool 76 mm
Length of spool 300 mm
Transmission system Mandrel Synchronous Transmission
Carriage Gear & rack
Cross- feed arm Ball screw
Rotating roving comb Synchronous Transmission
Spindles 1 spindle
Roving spool number 10 spools (1200 tex or 2400 tex)
Roving width 2 ~ 16 mm
Resin bath heating temperature controlled at 25 ~ 60°C
Resin bath heating medium water

Filament Winding

Machines pull fibre bundles through a wet bath of resin and wound over a rotating steel mandrel in specific orientations Parts are cured either room temperature or elevated temperatures. Mandrel is extracted, leaving a final geometric shape but can be left in some cases.

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